Google Sites - Aikron


Simplicity ...
... is the key to sophistication

In Aikron, we analyze every detail,
to ensure not only a nice visual, but a clean and intuitive

A website,
to different resolutions ...

It is known that every day, new electronic devices are entering the market. Having a website compatible with each of them, is an essential task.
Our websites, are tested in different resolutions, to bring to you a 100% adaptable product.

Optimized content,
ensures a better ranking!

In addition to the layout, the way the information is presented on your website, will guide your success in search engines and in obtaining new clients.
We use various optimization techniques, to ensure a friendly content with the major search engines.

And much ...
Much more!

Check out below, other services related to website development that Aikron can do for you:

  • Cropping layout for Web standards (Tableless, CSS3, HTML (5))
  • Converting HTML templates to CMS (WordPress)
  • Plugin development to CMS (WordPress)
  • Layout and web interfaces creation (frontend)
  • Programming in backend
  • Google Analytics & Google AdWords