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Virtual Stores

The future of e-commerce...
A few clicks ...from you!

The search facility, combined with more secure payment methods, did e-commerce grow exponentially in the world.
Check out the advantages that Aikron offers to you and your shop!

for your customers

What's the best payment method? Credit card? Payment slip? Direct debt?
In Aikron, the payment methods can be customized according to your target audience.
Give greater flexibility to your customers!

Security ...
In each process ...

All payment methods used in the creation of your store, are tested thoroughly and updated constantly.

In Aikron, we only work with solidified methods on the market. Ensuring to you and your clients, security in each transaction.

do more in less time

Inventory control, sales management, finantial operations, notifications,
the entire flow of your store, automated in your hands.

Enjoy the free time to expand your businesses, while our intelligent stores care for its complex processes.

And much ...
much more!

Check out below, other services related to the development of virtual stores that Aikron can do for you:

  • Frontend / Backend Development
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • E-commerce for mobile
  • Automation of managerial processes
  • Automatic handling of transactions
  • Development of e-commerce plugins